Pentium D 925 Bottlenecking?

Hey guys/gals,

I play Crysis 2 and so far it has been the most demanding game that I play on my desktop. The problem is that I think my CPU is bottlenecking my graphics card. The reason why I think this is because the game takes quite awhile to start up, but once I get to the menu it runs smoothly. Then once I start/resume a mission, the loading screen freezes, and flashes to another point.

When I viewed the loading screen with Fraps it was getting 0-1 fps, and since the loading screen isn't graphics intensive, I think the CPU is the reason it freezes, and then flashes to another point.

Once in the game, on the lowest settings, I get 15-17 fps in the lowest Gamer setting. This fps really never changes no matter where I am, or what I'm looking at. That fps is at the native res of 1440x900, but when I go to 1024x800 it only goes up to around 16-18 fps. I don't know if this indicates a bottle neck or not.

Other things to note are that when I exit out, the GPU usage is usually around 52% but the CPU is at 100%, and memory is around 50-55%.

System specs:

Motherboard: ECS 945GCT-M3 V3
CPU: Intel Pentium D 925 3.0Ghz
Memory: 2Gb DDR2
GPU: ATI 4650
Detailed GPU specs: 1GB GDDR3, 320 stream processors, clocked at 700 core and 800 memory (Tried overclocking but doesn't help)

My motherboard supports Core 2 Duo 6xxx series, and I was thinking about getting a e6600 or a e6700 if you guys agree that the CPU is bottlenecking.

Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot!

P.S. This is an old rig, I have a newer one so please don't bash it, I just want to keep it up to date and I think a CPU upgrade might do that.
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  1. tbh, your gpu is a low-mid end, it'll handle crysis at low detail, but dont expect too much on medium. adding more ram will bost your loading time.
    and yes, upgrading to a c2d will greatly improve the performance

    i had similar system before (athlon 4200+, 2gb, radeon 4650) and it stutter alot when playing crysis 1, those stutter reduced dramatically when i adds another 2gb ram in it
  2. Changing the Cpu will defenitly increase the performance. Gaming performance depends on both CPU and GPU performance.
    Does your motherboard has a PCI express x16 2.0 slot.
    If you are having a pci express x16 1.0 slot you will be getting only half performance of your graphics card.
  3. ^ that is absolute BS. Even the fastest graphics card will only be reduced by 5% by putting it in a pcie 1.0 slot, not half the performance as you claim. Do some research before you post BS.
  4. BUSTED....Joking......poser
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