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HP AM2+ socket need BIOS upgrade for an AM3 processor?

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June 26, 2011 9:06:09 AM

I finally caved and decided to replace my AMD Phenom X3 8400 that came on my HP with an AMD Athlon II X4 635 as it was on sale. My computer is a bit older and I've upgraded the Video card and power supply, but I've never done a processor. I have seen how to change the processor and it appears simple enough, but I've been seeing that I might need an updated BIOS if I'm using an AM2+ socket to make the AM3 work. After perusing HP for an update, I found none. I looked at my BIOS in setup (Highly limited access due to HP) and saw it was last updated 1/31/08. I don't think that AM3's were even around at that time so I'm almost sure I'd need an update, but I just can't find one anywhere. After reading a few more forum posts (Most of them from here) I read something that suggested that only am2's need the update, but not AM2+. Is this true? Or do I still need to be looking for an update for BIOS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Link to my PC and all it's specs (except the new power supply and video card)

I've also gone to and looked for upgrades for the motherboard I have, but I only found a BIOS update for M2N68 and I would need an update for M2N68-LA if I even needed it in the first place.

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June 26, 2011 9:37:35 AM

Hi Anderson,

I faced the same situation when I purchased MSI DKA790GX Platinum. At that time it supported only Phenom (1st generation with AM2+) processor. I purchased Phenom II X4 940 with the MB and when I made the system with those then the system showed unknown Quad Core processor with 3.0GHz clock. I could install Windows and other applications; system was running without any issue, just processor was unknown to the BIOS and OS. After some days I wrote to MSI Customer Support and they provided me a new BIOS release which had update code with new processor information. After BIOS upgrade, BIOS and OS recognized the processor model.

So, from my experience I can say that if you install Athlon II X4 635 then there would be no problem for the system to come up with the new one. But unknown processor issue would be there. Write HP (I am not sure if they would respond because you already modified their default configuration or did you do that with HP's concern?) if they have any new BIOS release, and ask them to provide the link. Because sometimes they don't provide latest updates (Driver/BIOS) for their old products in their website. Communicating with them might help.


June 26, 2011 6:33:59 PM

you should try upgrading the motherboard too, you can get a good am3 board for about 50 bucks, and 4gb of ram for about 40 bucks as well. i mean this is the easy way out, and you can try the modded bios that they guy suggested.

edit: the motherboard for you computer is a modified ASUS board, and i cant find that particular model on the asus website but they have the other models from the same line of boards, i dont know if those BIOS will work on yours.
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June 26, 2011 9:42:24 PM

there has been a modded BIOS upgrade to allow upgrade to the phenomII and Athlon II series (with up to a 95W TDP) so the Athlon 635 should work great with the modded BIOS upgrade:

"how to install
1.) rename the slic to 513.rom (Delete or move origional away at this time)
2.) LOAD ORIGIONAL (HP sp37190)
3.) push install when it comes to the first ok do not press it
4.) press windows+R inside the box type %temp% and hit enter this will open up a folder with temp files i suggest u go through every folder until u find one with the same files as in the .rar files delete the 513.rom from that replace with modified
now u can press ok and install it
*NOTE* (before beginning all this i suggest u do a windows+R"

Do I need to do something with my file downloaded first, like put it on a USB or a CD? Or do I just install it from my desktop.

Where can I find the original slic?

Is iSLIC the program I want to rename? or am I not seeing a folder I should be looking at

I'm assuming the (HP sp37190) is the installer with the HP logo?
Just wanting to make sure I dont break anything ><
June 27, 2011 12:26:03 AM

there has been a modded BIOS upgrade to allow upgrade to the phenomII and Athlon II series (with up to a 95W TDP) so the Athlon 635 should work great with the modded BIOS upgrade:

Managed to figure out what to do, but when I get to "Update in progress" it stops after a few seconds and I see this