Asus m5a97 evo wont boot video card

hey i am having some issues wit the m5a97 i just bought it and installed it into my tower i have an 800 watt power supply and a am3 phenom II x4 4 gigs of ram and they video card is a radeon 6850 and they motherboard just wont read it, i feel that its and issue thru the bios but i cant get a display to come up at all
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  1. the only 2 things i can think of doing is clearing the CMOS with the jumper on the board. check the manual for the location of it. the other thing would be seeing if you can get another video card to try
  2. Well I tried a different card and same thing, I know where the cmos battery is and jumper but how do I go about clearing it im sorry im kind of new to this
  3. the jumper will have to be placed on a differtent pin or just take the cover off it completely. the manual would tell you how to properly do it
  4. SOME ASPECTS OF BIOS UPGRADE:Have to Disable Hyper threading in BIOS. Download BIOS:Fat 32 USB/Floppy-Not NTFS otherwise will not work!oNCE THE bios SHOW UPDATED BOOT UP BY Choosing OPTIMISED SYSTEM SETTING SYSTEM -Save Settings then Boot UP!
    Could be PCI / DVI issue with a VGA monitor. UPGRADE ,installed Radeon HD6670 2GB -will not accept a VGA adapter- on Gigabyte GA 790FXTA UD5.Would not display until connected to a DVI monitor.
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