2 choices,,, really stuck at a decision. need advice.

E8400 3.0(stock) 4(3)GB RAM(winxp32)
SLI 8600 gts 650W 3 yr old PSU(non 24/7)

i wish to upgrade my system as new games such as bf2bc, shogun2 and soon to be bf3 need to have the setting lowered to play, shogun they are almost off, cant imagine what bf3 will be like.

Anyway, i was looking to get a AMD BE 965 and some new ram, and a new card, but after looking at your CPU hierarchy chart, it shows my E8400 only 1 tier lower than a BE 965. should i upgrade CPU or just get a newer vid card? i know that in order to play bf3, ill need a new OS, so i was going to get win7 64bit regardless.

basically after a week of reading forums trying to decide, i ran across the cpu chart, and it comes to i can spend like 550$ to get BE 965, ram, newer card 5770 or gtx 460( not newest, but better than my 8600)mobo, OS etc, or, i can spend like 350 or so on OS and a nicer card( ~200$) what are your suggestions.

Mind you, i am a gamer, not so much into video, i have an old crt still, so res is 1280x1024. Looking to play BF3, and games in the total war series.

thanks :)

edit: perhaps a better question is, how long do you think the E8400 will remain competitive? 1 year? 2? i always look at updating around tax refund time, so should i just wait till next year and go buy myself a 200$ vid card now instead?
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  2. your option doesnt work, mobo. cpu out of stock. ive tried pricing out the chips before, and it seems i can get BE 965 + mobo for less than i can by a 3ghz sandybridge.

    im not really interested in sandy bridge. its too much hype at the moment. plus, i do not like to pay for the latest release. the latest release = higher price just because its new. This is why i had spec'd out the BE 965. this all stems from me being a cheap ass.

    the vid card is is the same boat as well. i simply will not pay for the latest and greatest as last years model still will run most if any games of very high settings. i have it narrowed down to some OC's 5770's - a GTX 465. the more i read, the harder the decision gets, so when i order, i may just break down and get whatever is cheapest( if system upgrade happens, it will get new vid cards next spring, so top end vid card now not an issue) i think my hardest decision is getting my head around the odd mem size of the gtx 460. 768 MB just seems an odd fill gap number, and i dont like it as much as i like the 1GB.

    the OS is already chosen. i run two PC's on my desk. 1 for gaming,m the other for surfing, watching vids, music, etc. If i get the win7 upgrade, i can get a 3 machine package for only 123.00$

    this si what i have in my cart, i guess compare it to what i have currently( top of thread)

    amd BE 965
    MSI mobo, ( ocer clocktype board, dont have model number on hand)
    8 GB RAM
    power color 5770( is what i had in cart, cheapest bang for buck i could find ATM, subject to change)
    400W power supply( to be able to run old SLI cards in rig once i upgrade, current 2 rig psu only 315W)
    win7 3 machine upgrade home premium.
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