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Hi all, I recently built my own computer and came across a problem. For some reason, my rear audio jack outputs a very low sound for the left speaker. I have tried setting the balance, but the left speaker is still very low compared to the right. This is not a problem with my speakers, as I have tried using my headphones as well. I just updated the drivers, so I don't believe that is the issue. Any idea what may be causing this problem? Possibly just a bad jack?

Thank you ^_^

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G45
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  1. i think thats a bad jack problem,hardware is working fine since you can hear a sound and the system doesnt crash,BUT did that happen only after the update? or you updated to try to fix it? if it was there to begin with its a bad jack
  2. The problem was occurring even before I updated. If it is a bad jack, is there any way to fix it? Or would I have to get the whole motherboard replaced? -.-
  3. the only way i know is not fit to be used with computers lol sorry maybe someone else can help wit that
  4. I used to have a similar problem and at the end the solution was to change the motherboard. I googled a little and i find that my mother had problems with sound. Google your mother and see if anything comes up. It was also a new computer so they changed it without questioning.
  5. probably RMA is the best idea downside is the waiting time
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