Plagued with bad luck

Hey again everyone, I really am beginning to feel cursed.

Ok so after multiple problems with my first build, I needed to RMA by hd5770 due to artifacting. Previous to this is it had had extremely high temperatures when I first recieved it (100C+ under furmark), however upon checking the stock thermal paste is was very poorly spread, and by simply reseating the cooler is went down to a max of 70C roughly.

Anyway my new card was to be a Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 1GB non OCed. Now I have perfectly normal idle temperatures (around 31C) but once again the my load temperatures on furmark reach 80C with fan at 100%! What's more strange is that with fan locked at 40% (lowest) it only increases to around 88C, yet my computer reboots when it approaches 90c. (Does NOT reboot at lower temperatures, with the 100% fan, and therefore I am sure it's not a power issue).

Anyway I decided to see if It was possible that somehow this card too had badly spread thermal paste, and although spread a little better, there was a very little amount of it and I felt it was unimpressive really. I plan on buying some thermal paste, but is this really the issue? What are the odds of getting two cards that both overheat and both due to poor thermal paste?

The airflow in my PC is pretty poor to be honest, but my room is very cool, and I have an additional case fan. With the side of the case off, the temperatures remain the same.

Thanks for the help.

amd phenom ii 955 3.2ghz
PNY Geforce 460 GTX
4gb ddr3
m4a785td-v evo
500W OCZ Stealthxtreme PSU.
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  1. jumpFur-mark is going to get it hot after awhile even with the fan on 100% play a game and see what the temps do. Dont just jump right to bad conclusions based on fur-mark.
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