6970 @ 1680x1050

Hello to the community,
just a simple question.

How is the HD 6970 @1680x1050 in today's games with max details? Will it have good FPS?

I've got a 1055t CPU and ASRock 890GX Extreme 3 MOBO w/ Antec TP 750W and 8GB RAM
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  1. how about Black Ops at 937681467381367363137281532 fps?
  2. One word-"Overkill"that gpu is meant for 1920X1080 and above.get a gtx 560 releasing this tuesday.you are wasting your money on that resolution for a 6970.
  3. 6970 for 1680x1050?! What a waste! Besides, most game don't use more than 3 cores and so 1055T will bottleneck HD6970 which is faster than 2x HD4870 in CF.
  4. It will max all games except Metro 2033, and perhaps a few oddball terribly optimized games.
  5. really? 1055t bottlenecking 6970?
  6. Since 99% games use at most 3 cores, 1055T is no better than 955 in most games. In addition, HD6970 is faster than 2x HD4870 in SLI which is bottlenecked by PII-955 according to an old TOM review regarding "i7-920 vs PII-955". Hence, 1055T should bottleneck the 6970.
  7. FSX is probably the only game that utilizes more than 4 cores IIRC.
  8. the legend of zelda utilizes 6 cores...
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