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ok.. just picked up one of these Corsair GS700s and went to install in computer (hoping that its a power problem).. problem is the GS700 only has 6 pin pci which only will work for 1 card.. how do i get the other one connected? I am guessing solution is a 4-pin molex which I thought i had read came with the gs700, but I cannot find it. Is the gs700 supposed to have one?
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  1. The GS700 has two PCIe connectors the second one can be 6+2 pin!
  2. yea but problem is each one of the gpus use 2x 6 pin and i have 2 gpus..

    also is single rail going to be ok for a quad core with 2 sli?
  3. yea.. cant get 4x 6 pin with this.. and dont have enough 4 pins to convert it to 2 6 pins due to all the fans, hardrive, etc

    just going to get the enthusiast 750. its currently only 10 dollars more and is 50 more watts, has 4 x 6 pin, and is a higher 80+ rating.. for 10 bucks more seems like a no brainer to me (you do lose the LED light.. big deal)
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    Good choice!
  5. rolli59 said:
    Good choice!

    I dont know why all the major retailers carry a gs700 gaming psu over the corsair 750 enthusiast in stocks
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