Looking for advice, have someone build my new PC

Today, I realized that I am not meant to build my own pc. After waiting anxiously for 3 weeks for my asus p867 pro to arrive, I have destroyed it by not putting the I5 2500k in correctly. Which has damaged it as well. To top off the last 24 hours, I had a large cloud of smelly smoke come out of the top of my antec 900 when I tried to start my previous build, that I some how screwed up during reassembling it.

While I wish that I would have gone the pre built route in hind sight, I have almost all the parts for a new build. I don't want to deal with this stress or hastle. Is there any way I can find someone to build a pc I guess locally with the parts I have? How should I go about looking? I found one person locally, but am worried they will be like the people that did my first build. They took almost 3 months and would not return calls or emails.

I live in poughkeepsie, ny if it helps so there are very few pc stores near by and I'm typing from my moto droid with a pos keyboard. So my response might be slow.
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  1. Perhap you have a family member or some in-laws that know their way around a rig? I would try that first.

    I mean people in my family ask me all the time for computer help and I give it freely but I'm thinking you would want someone you can trust with your expensive parts. And perhaps someone who can build the machine in front of you to show you how its done.

    BTW how did you put in the proc the wrong way? And where did the cloud of smoke come from? Did you not put thermal paste between proc and hsf?
  2. ahhh damn..it actually pains me to hear a story like that...I built my first computer about a month ago..and I was nervous as ever..but I can understand why you would rather have someone experienced do it..how did u put it incorrectly though? Im curious? There's an arrow to show how to place it inside..and there are cues to tell...did u do research and watch videos in order to learn how to do it?
    Take a look at this video..


    Even if you don't plan on building a a computer again by yourself..at least knowing some of the basics will help you in the future..the video is informative, and somewhat helpful if you a visual
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