Need help buying a palite 570 sp

Hello,i`m fro, Egypt and i will be visiting USA ,Oakland ,CA . and i want to get a palite 570 SP,so if you can tell me where to get in Oakland or San Francisco that would be great and I am also wondering if there is a way to test the card cause i won`t be able to use the worrenty if there is something wrong with it. also do you recommend the EVGA or palite .i`m really conflicted about this ,thanks for you help
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  1. If you are able to drive a little bit, you can go to Fry's Electronics in Concord:

    They are a very big electronics store that sells both Palit and EVGA video cards. They will have good prices as well. If you are heading south to San Jose, there are other Fry's stores right off the freeway, listed on that store locator website. The one in Fremont is easy to get to.

    I have researched both brands, and you could go with either one. The Palit has a custom cooler and the EVGA has the stock cooler, which is excellent.
  2. thank you for the great help,any ideas about how to test it or how to make sure the stuff i bought is working fine
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