Motherboard for FX-6100

Looking to do a build with the FX-6100, and wondering if I can get a few recommendations on a motherboard. The 900 AM3+ motherboards are actually more expensive than my initial thoughts.

What I'll be doing on the motherboard:

- Possible CrossFire & Gaming (albeit at 1280x1024)
- Shipped 8GB Vengeance DDR3
- Audio work/Cubase/Pro Tools et al.

I'm actually not interested in overclocking.

Ideally I'd like to go cheaper by dropping down the chipset numbers (760, etc), if performance isn't of great impact. However, durability is important to me.

All help appreciated.

Considering: ASROCK 990FX

This would be amazing if it held up (price saving): ASUS M5A78L 760G
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  1. Asus crosshair formula 5
    or gigabyte ud5 or ud7
    best options
  2. triny said:
    Asus crosshair formula 5
    or gigabyte ud5 or ud7
    best options

    Nice stuff, but unfortunately that's way out of my league.

    Sorry, I should've emphasised that I'm considering a new AMD build because of costs, and well, I've been with them my whole computer life. With the Crosshair Formula V, I could get on a z68 chip & the i5 at, respectively, a lower price.

    Am I really loosing out on an AM3+ ready board, opposed to the wacky 900 chips? I want to out-gun, price wise, the i5 & z68 set up considerably, by 50 - 80 bucks.

    - I like to game, but I'm certainly not hardcore -- my resolution gives that one away...
    - With regards to audio, I have a home studio set up, that's been perfectly capable up to now on an Athlon. All of my recording is done on location using a Mac, and the post-production/production/mixing back at the apartment.
  3. get a 970 board for single gpu usage. the 990 990fx is for crossfire x 2 and up

    heres a quick list. ranges from $90-$120

    I'm actually looking for a 970 board myself. maximize that FX chip of yours :D
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