Plz help me with my hard drive

iv got 2 laptops and a desktop they all use the same network (my router is linksys) i wanna plug a hard drive 2 my desktop and access it from my laptops (open media) my hd is a 1 tb wd and can u tell me of a safe way that doesnt get me viruses so that if a virus got 2 1 of the laptops it doesnt get 2 all of them thx
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  1. Just share it but put a password on it, so when you access it from your laptop it will ask for a password, this way if your laptop ever gets a virus the virus can't spread unless your laptop in logged in to your desktop.
  2. you could make the share read-only (if that meets your needs). Also I assume you have a good, up-to-date anti-virus & anti-spyware program?
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