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I know this question probably gets asked all the time, so thanks in advance for putting up with it. I have searched through multiple posts but haven't quite found what I want yet.

I'm building a budget computer for audio production. The Mobo above is the one I plan on pairing with an Intel i5-2500k processor. I have an older gfx and sound card that I know will fit and give me what I want (gaming comes 2nd and I don't record anything myself so sound card isn't an issue). I'll also be running 8 Gigs of ram in the setup.

Now the last piece of the puzzle is buying a case.. I have to admit I am overwhelmed by the amount of choices, but none of them seem to have exactly what I'm looking for. I would really like to keep the price of the case around $50, but I'll spend a little extra money in order to get the features I want.

Here is exactly what I'm looking for, so any options close to this would be great. (This is my first ever build, so please be easy on me if I'm being stupid what I'm asking for)

-Preferably Full Size ATX, but mid will work ok
-Front and Rear Fans for best ventilation
-4 Front USB ports (I don't want to have to sacrifice one of my PCI slots for two more ports in case I want to add anything down the road)
-Front HDMI Out (I'm not even sure that they make this. My Mobo has an HDMI port but if I used that would I be bypassing my video card and using onboard video? If that is the case then forget it)
-Front Optical Out (same as above)

That's all I can really think of at the moment.. and it's very price dependent so keep that in mind.

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  1. This should fill most of your requirements -
  2. Or alternatively Antec 300
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