Use current PSU in new build or buy new one?

I'm not sure whether I should use my current power supply with my new build or buy a new one. My current PSU is a 750w Dell one that was stock for my XPS 630i. I believe the model is 'DT50E', but I don't even know if there is any info out there about it. I plan on using my current GPU, a GTX 460, so I know 750w is enough. However, since my current power supply is ~3 years old and a somewhat mysterious Dell model, would it be better to buy a new one? I haven't decided on a motherboard, and I'll probably get an i5-2500K. This could be an easy decision, but I don't really know much about PSUs.
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  1. You have one thing going for you. You know it works, and is sufficient for a GTX460.
    I would keep it and plan on using it.

    That said, I am leery of unknown psu's. A bad one, or cheap one can cause damage to other parts.

    The psu should have a data plate, giving the power specs and a UL code. The ul code might lead you to who made it.
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    OEM PSU's won't exactly be crap. They do work for the rig they come with. On that note, I guess a 750W PSU from dell will surely be good to handle a GTX 460 rig. Moreover, its one from the XPS range. So should be pretty much standard.
  3. Yeah, I guess it would be safe to trust it since its an XPS. Thanks for the help, both of you.
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  5. from the xps dell range?
    its a delta midrange unit comparable to the antec earthwatts range at best so a pretty average psu enough for sli 460's or a single gtx 570

    is this the label on yours

  6. Yep that's the one.
  7. a bit low for a 750 watt but it should do its rated wattage but are you gonna use the same case over again because i think it may have dell propriety connectors
  8. I would not call a 12 volt wattage of 732(61 amps combined on all 4 rails) watts on a 750 watt psu low at all.

    To be honest, should run a hell of a lot of hardware with that thing.
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