New Build has Game Lag

This is my new build specs:

cpu: amd phenom II x4 955
mobo: asus m4a77td
memory: corsair xms3 - ddr3 2x2gb cas latency 9
gpu: visiontek ati radeon hd 5550 1 gb memory
hd: 500 gb seagate 7200 rpm
psu: Ultra LSP 450 - 450 watt
optical: dvd drive and dvd r/rw drive

Thanks to Tom's hardware member CopaMunidal, I have put together a new computer for the first time. All the specs was according to his recommendations except:

I chose the Ultra lsp 450 watt because tigerdirect had a good deal on it and it has lifetime warranty.

I chose corsair xms3 - ddr3 2x2gb cas lat(9) because they have a rebate which brings the price down to $35 vs the suggested ripjaws $55 memory modules which were cas latency(7).

On this build, I have windows xp pro x64 with service pack 2.
I have installed firefox 4 and avast antivirus and I am playing sonic and sega all stars racing.

Now, when I am playing this game in single player mode, the game lags. Is this lag due to the processor being AMD or is it due to the cas latency(9) of my memory modules or is it the video card or is it the psu??

I read so much about cas 7 and cas 9 and concluded that the difference in speed is negligible. Thats why I went $20 cheaper with this memory.

Also, my graphics card has several stickers on the back of it. should they be removed? Maybe thats causing the gpu to mess up?

Where did I go wrong?

I am heart broken because i did not expect this kind of lag on this computer which should be at least 10x better than my old Dell running a single processor pentium 4 with ht and an ati video card with 125mb and a 300 watt power supply.

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  1. have you added an exception to your antivirus for the game? or have you tried disabling your antivirus while playing the game? other than that your machines specs exceeds the recommended for the sega racing game you are playing. the game looked fairly new but are you sure its 64 bit OS compatible? the quick search i did was not very clear about 64bit support.
  2. Hi asven1,

    the game runs so i guess it is 64 bit compatible. I did not disable the antivirus, but i put it on 'silent/gaming mode' which is a pretty nice feature of Avast. Do you think the memory could be bad? or should I disable antivirus completely? thanks
  3. I just checked my task manager for performance. When the game is running, cpu usage is between 1 and 6 percent. PF usage is 1.36 gb. physical memory total 4192096 available 2728588(which seems about right because the game uses 1.5 gb ram). Now the only thing I am concerned about is if the RAM is adequate, why is it using the slower page file?

    When I open up a browser, the cpu usage shoots up to 30% for a second. Now thats ridiculous...
  4. usually bad ram will either stop your machine from starting up to causing random freezes/crashes. The latency difference between the two types of ram you talked about earlier in your post would not cause this error.

    i would try disabling Avast and running the game just to rule out the antivirus. Also did you add an exception to your firewall besides?
  5. i'll do these things right now and let you know. thanks
  6. I've added an exception to the firewall and shut off the antivirus. It's gotten better but it still happens on certain tracks with a lot of intensive graphics.
  7. ya your graphics card meets the recommended specs but IMO its a little weak. So I would turn the graphic settings down to medium if you have not already. I could see if you were running the game on max that big tracks would freak your graphics card out.
  8. XP64 is terribad and doesn't really work with a lot of software. Go to regular XP32 or Windows7-64.
  9. TERRIBAD...LOL Thats the only cd I got.

    I guess I'll have to live with this lag. I have no idea how to lower the graphics setting. There is no way to lower the graphics setting in the game either. Thanks for the help though.
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