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HD monitor not displaying on full screen

Hi everyone! New here! been reading around for a while now!

I'm 23 and am a student studying electronic engineering in college at the moment and computers, as well as guitars and guitar amps, are one of my main interests. I read the reviews on here all the time! If i google something it tends to lead here! So i joined! :)

Anyway so i'm having a problem. My Monitor displays fine and uses all the screen area on other resolutions, but when set to its native and recommended resolution, 1920x1080, the image size is reduced and doesnt fill the whole screen. there is about an inch of black at the sides and half an inch on top and bottom. My set up is as follows.

Monitor: Benq e2420hd - 24" 1920x1080 HD
GPU: Gigabyte ati radeon HD 5770
^connected with hdmi cable

Anyone else experience this problem? Is it the HDMI cable? I used a different cable, cant remem if it was DVI or VGA, but not sure if this was the case then? I've searched the forum and all over google! Rest of my set up is as follows.

AMD Phenom IIx4 965BE
MSI 790FX & SB750
4gig ram
2x 500GB HDs in Raid0

Any recommendations or help appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
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  1. You have to scale your output to your monitor or if your monitor has a setting to scale the output.
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    If that doesnt work open CCC, and find the scaling option and adjust it until it fits properly. While you shoudlnt have to do this give it a try:
  3. I've noticed only on ATI cards this happens, my nvidia card on my htpc didn't do it but my 4650 did, its a ATI thing I guess.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! I found a VGA cable and a DVI adapter and switched to that and it fixed the problem. full screen HD!

    BUT what you guys describes seems to be exactly the problem. i changed an overscan setting on my monitor and it fixed it slightly but not fully so i changed it back. but that link seems to be exactly right! so now i wanna switch back! will prob do it tomorrow tho.

    would there be much difference between the VGA and HDMI cable? just wonderin!

    Thanks again guys!
  5. There will be a difference. HDMI is better and would have a clearer picture because it uses a digital signal instead of an analog signal.
  6. Yeah thats what i was thinkin. great, I'l change it back to HDMI tomorrow then and now that i've seen snipergod87s link i can sort it out.

    Thanks to everyone for the replies!
  7. Well i changed it back to HDMI and that catalys control center scaling thing worked.

    Till not i had it at something like 1680 or to make it full screen. fullscreen @1920 is much much more enjoyable for games and movies! thanks!
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