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Can i crossfire 6850 and 5850 together

hey guys this might be a very dumb question. i own a 5850 and want to know if i can crossifre it with a 6850
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    No, you cannot. They have to be in the same series. Your only options would be 5830, 5850, and 5870. Neither the 5830 or 5870 make sense. Just go with a second 5850 if you need more GPU power. Two 5850's will be a great setup though.
  2. nope. even with 5xxx series you can only CF your card with 58xx families meaning you can get it to work with 57xx or 56xx series. btw it is best to CF two identical card, in your case another 5850. if you happen to get 5870 you still get performance similar to running two 5850.
  3. ^^ agreed %100
  4. Why not get another 5850?They are selling around the same price as a 6850 now.
    Both of these cards are only $15 more than a regular 6850 and the Asus model is really good.

    Asus 5850

    XFX 5850

    They also have Free Shipping.

    Theirs also a few Open Box's at the bottom of the page and i wouldn't hesitate to get the Vapor X.

    Which brand of 5850 do u currently own?
  5. You can only CF and SLI video cards of the SAME model!!
  6. andy5174 said:
    You can only CF and SLI video cards of the SAME model!!

    That's the case with Nvidia cards, but ATI cards can be slightly different. 58xx cards can all crossfire together, 57xx cards can as well.
  7. I'd say the only expection for crossfiring would be the 5870 and the 5970.Those are the only 2 i know of that can be crossfired even though their not in the same family.
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