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OK guys and gals, a long while back I started playing CoD:MW and really wanted to play it online. At the time I have an out of the box Dell running WinXP64. I also had a Netgear wireless router. I remember screwing around for days trying to get the game to work online. Something with setting static IP's and port forwarding. I could never get it to work through the router and could only get it to work when I plugged my DSL modem directly into my main HP computer.

Fast forward to today. I have built two new rigs since January. Both Phenom II x 4 builds both running Win7 64 Pro. I have ditched the Netgear router for an Encore and would REALLY like to be able to play online matches of Cod and L4D and all the other great FPS shooters hanging out on my Steam account.

My question is this, how do I do it? I had found a primer way back when, but obviously I couldn't get it to work properly. My DSL and Router are upstairs and I find myself primarily playing more downstairs in my living room. Can someone suggest a walkthrough or something on what I need to to to set up my network to do this?


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  1. Got it all figured out. Maybe I don't understand how things work but don't some games require port forwarding to work? In any case I just got done playing some L4D2 online for the first time ever and it was LEGENDARY!!!! I used http://portforwarding.comfor walkthroughs on both setting up static IPs and engaging port forwarding for various games. Worked slick as snot. That was the same guides I used back about 2-3 years ago, I just couldn't find them.

    It was insanely easy and I think I had issues with my Netgear router before more than anything.

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