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Is a GTX 260m going to be good for future games?

how long will it be good for :o
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  1. You can probably get away on medium to low settings for most games coming out this year, but look into an upgrade if you want to play at higher settings or higher resolutions.
  2. but i thought it could run bad company 2 and crysis on high or so the benchmarks said?
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    It should be able to run any DX10 game that comes out so what you're looking for is when DX11 becomes standard. A good guess would be when the next gen consoles come out or Windows 8. Also a GTX 260M is still a midrange performer in nvidia's heirarchy. It will be at least 2 more years before a low end fermi card obsoletes yours. Whether you can live with the visual settings and power consumption is a different story.
  4. thx
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