New hard drive and not reading drivers for internet

I installed a new 500gb HP Pavillion 9500x hard drive into a HP Pavillion dv9500 laptop. Are they compatible and if so why am I hving driver problems connecting to the internet? ty
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  1. So, you got a new hard drive, installed it, re-installed windows, and everything is fine except you're unable to connect to the internet?

    Have you tried downloading your networking drivers from hp? If you just went with the drivers Windows loads automatically upon installation, it might not have found one for your Lan or Wireless.

    If you haven't already, visit the HP website, look for support and drivers and install the newest drivers.
  2. Or pop in your driver disks that came with the laptop cause to install network drivers w/out network connectivity that is needed. Unless you have another computer to download the drivers.
  3. grab a usb wifi card off a friend/ another computer and put it in yours

    go to start, right click on computer

    click on manage

    then on device manager find the built in wifi device/ it will be named or it might have an unknown device or whatever in network adapters

    then right click and update/install/enable

    this should install the drivers direct from microsoft

    you shouldnt have to install the one you borrow from another computer as win7 has most wifi card drivers built in
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