Ati 5770 radeon 3 monitor hook up problem

Sapphire ATI 5770 Radeon..Trying to hook up 3 monitor to make to 1 full extended desktop.
Connection -
1 - displayport to vga
2 - dvi to vga
3 - dvi to vga

install the software..found video from Sapphire on how to setup. The software they have show a display group options. The software that comes with the card does not. but it does see 3 monitors but do not see any options to make it 3 combine. help please.
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  1. Thanks for the link..however that is the issue. The row of monitor screen. It is totally different with the software I got. It might be a different version of CCC program. I went to amd site and dont see any new version update to download. The version CCC I got from the does not have that display group part.
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