Asus z68 pro 2600k new build won't boot

I just put together a new system based around the Asus z68 pro and a 2600k unlocked processor.

The problem is when I turn it on the system lights up and and the case fan spins but the power cuts out immediately.

I checked out that the ram was seated properly, but still no luck.

The system is the
Asus z68 pro
I7 2600k
Corsair 1600mhz vengeance 16gb kit
Corsair h70
Corsair 120gb Sata III ssd
Cooler master silent pro 800w power supply
EVGA gtx 580

All parts are new out of the box
Any help would be appreciated..
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  1. Try to reseat the gpu also. Double check all wiring.. Try one stick of ram. Good luck..
  2. Is the heatsink on the CPU seated properly?
  3. Took the GPU out until I can get it to boot.
  4. Drop to a single stick of RAM in required slot, disconnect all drives' power and SATA inputs, double check that you have aux cpu power connected from PSU to MB's correct header. Ensure 'cpu fan' is connected from radiator to correct mainboard header from H70
  5. While my work sells Coolermaster and we use a few in our builds, I am not a fan of them. Their quality is about medium.

    I honestly think its probably your PSU. Sounds like it. But try one thing first. Hook only your mobo up to the PSU. No HDDs, CD/DVD drives nothing but the mobo, CPU and one stick of RAM in DIMM _A1. Make sure not SATA ports are connected nor are any USB and such.

    Try powering it on. If it doesn't then the last thing I would suggest looking at is your mobos mounting. Make sure that you have standoofs only where screws would be for the mobo.

    If that fails then try another PSU.

    As for the AUX power, if it wasn't plugged in it would still power and stay powered but no video or post would happen.
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