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HDTV sony aqous has flickering/flashes with pc attached to it.

Hello, i just sent my laptop for repairs due to hdd failure. before i sent it for repair everything worked fine on hdtv on hdmi out put. CUrrently using acer aspire timelinex 3820tg, ati mobility radeon 5650 with 2.30/4gb usable ram. I changed it to fit screen size of tv using overscan method as it was a cented image on start up. any solutions? tv is sharp aquos lc-40le820m.
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    I suggest latest graphics update from Acer's website.
  2. which dl would it be? the one under vga?
  3. Yes the one under VGA-AMD.
  4. mister g said:
    Yes the one under VGA-AMD.

    Thanks much, it was working beautifully, but recently i had a prob, after some time, i conected to my tv again but its not working, tv screen is blank. notice comes up saying graphics processor cannot be changed due to current display config, any ideas? i played dota before that tho.
  5. The graphics chip shouldn't be the issue since all it does is update the screen info, since the notebook has switchable graphics try turning the AMD one on and trying to find a new TV firmware version from your Sharp website, I can't find any on US's or India's Sharp site.
  6. ok thanks!
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