What Goes in the PCIe Slots?

I am looking for a motherboard. I have a question about PCIe slots. Many of the boards state their graphic slot count and another slot. Can any of these slots be used for something other than graphics? I see a MB with five slots, 4 are said to be graphic. Does that mean there is only one slot for other things?

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  1. Some boards have multiple PCIe slots for more than one graphics card. They also have additional slots for PCie modes 4,2 and 1. Finally, there may be one or more PCI slots.
  2. cmichael138,

    Thank you for your response. I am sorry, but I could use some additional help in understanding what you mean. I did some research on PCIe modes but I could not identify any specifics on my original post - compatibility.

    The boards I have looked at are from Asus, Asrock, Intel, MSI. They have from 3 to 6 slots. In all cases, all but one of the slots are stated to be for graphics. I don't know if something else can be plugged into a graphic slot or not. And whether or not there would be concequences. And how those concequences may propogate from one slot to another or are they isolated through bridging. None of the manufacturers stated anything about bridging. But they do suggest there are channel relationships as they perscribe an order for using the slots.

    How can I determine compatibility/functionality of the slots? I am sure my vocabulary could be expanded.
  3. Your vocabulary is excellent.

    If you look at thios card as an example:
    you will see that multiple video cards can be installed in the PCI Express slots. Most people not needing multiple or high end cards to play games ususlly only need one graphics card.

    To my knowledge, only graphics cards have been designed for PCIe but I'm sure other uses will follow. The older PCI slots can be used for a number of differing cards (video, networking, sound, etc.).
    Here's another link. I hope it helps answer some questions:
  4. cmichael138,

    Thank you. The Directron reference was great. It pointed out that PCIe is not limited to graphics.
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