A New MoneyLoved Build. Help?

Hey Guys,

I haven't been really active lately, but I have a new build for a customer. This guy doesnt care about money :D :D , he just wants something thats with the LEAST BOTTLENECK , and MOST POWERFUL. :bounce: and that can ustilize 4 Monitors Running 1080p...well lets just be safe and say 2560x1600 for safe keeping, while maintaining top performance.

I have the new GTX590s In mind. running two of them. But Im at a stand still with the Boot disk (SSD) and the CPU. I'm not sure if i should go with the 990x, or X5650, or 2600k.

So If you guys have an suggestions. Im completely free on any suggestions for any other parts. Though I need some help with the SSD, and CPU. The SSD needs to have excellent IOPs, Reads, Writes, and Sustained R/W. Basically the FASTEST Hardware I can get my hands on.

I don't have anything chosen but the PSU, and the case. So any help would be great. Oh and its air-cooled. I need as little maintenance as possible.


Thanks. :bounce:
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  1. If you're willing to do some overclocking as well go with the 2600k and a Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD7-B3. The combination of those two can be OCed into oblivion.

    For the boot disk go either with a
    OCZ RevoDrive X2 (read: 740MB/s, write: 720MB/s, random 4K write: 120000IOPS) OR
    two OCZ Vertex 3 (read: 525MB/s, write: 505MB/s, random 4K write: 60000IOPS)
  2. For some reason I can't edit my post.
    Of course I meant so say two Vertex 3 in RAID 0
  3. I see, well if I went with the 990x per say, what would I gain over the 2600k? or vice versa. And RevoDrives, wont they kill speeds on the P68? I mean too 590s, thats already 8x each, if i put in another card, wont if slow down the 590s? Vertex 3s there still on pre-order right?
  4. To be honest, I don't think any user will ever notice a difference between the two CPUs in a real world scenario. In benchmarks it depends on the type of benchmarks. The 990x will probably perform better when you multithread a lot, while core for core I think the 2600k would be better.
    Since it's for a customer though, I think he'd prefer to hear he's got the newest microarchitecture on the market, overclocked by 30% (which is easily possible without super-fancy cooling), than one that was released like 1 1/2 years ago.

    About the PCI-Issue, well, I can't really think of any scenario where all those device would be going at it full speed. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of RevoDrives anyway, I heard a lot of people had issues booting from them. Also, again, since it's not for you, it'll probably sound a lot better anyway to tell the customer he's got the newest, fastest SSDs set up in a RAID. Sounds like you put a hell of a lot of work into setting things up, while in fact it might even end up being easier than getting the RevoDrive to boot.
    The Vertex 3 startet shipping to vendors sometime this week I believe, so they should be available pretty soon.
  5. Well the guy does do Hardcore gaming (Crysis, and such) and he does do video editing, and 3d rendering. So if thats the case than wouldn't the 990x have better performance? Or will a 2600k OC'ed @ 4.6-4.8 beat it. I know quite hard to say. Any I think from what I've read, one or two Vertex 3 (200GB) maybe raid 0, need to read a little more. Just need to figure out how big the Boot drive needs to be. I'll probably put two or three 2tb WD Blacks, or 1.5 TB, yet to decide. And the Gigabyte Ud7 for the 2600k looks promising, or maybe if i go with the x58 standing, Ill go with a Gigabyte G1, or perhaps a Classified.
  6. The gaming isn't an issue. You've got the GPUs to take care the graphics and both of these CPUs will handle any game game with ease.
    The 3D rendering is a different story. I think most current rendering software is does the real nasty number crunching parallel, so the 990x might be faster here.
    Overall I'd still go with the new CPU. The new architecture, new motherboard with new chipset and better USB3.0 and SATA 6 Gbit/s support just seems to be the better choice.
  7. Alright, So I've done a lot of reading On SSDs. and now Im really confused. the m4 does well in Small Writes & Reads. Yet In more bigger and longer RWs Vertex 3 Pros Sweep the board. So Im not sure what to go with. Because Im probably going to have three/four drives in there. 2 SSDs and Two HDDs running raid.

    I've decided to go with a 2600k, and Try to OC the crap out of it. and Probably load it with 16 Gb of DDR3 Ram clocked at 2000 or howevver high i can get it without getting a Voltage Higher than 1.5v Im gonna run 2 GTX590s or 6990s. I haven't quite decided. Well he's gonna run 4 Monitors NOT in 3d. FULL HD, shouldnt be a BIG deal. Though I'm imaging hes running Crysis 2 On at least 3 Of those monitors. SO would One 6990 or 590 Cover That? I'm kinda trying to not go OVERBOARD with stuff yet achieve no bottleneck.
  8. if he plans on doing multi monitor gaming such as Nvidia surround over those monitors, the 590 is great and all but it only has 1.5gb vram per gpu it will hit Vram limitations and choke i would reccemend the 6990 4gb since it has 500megs more per gpu Trust me it will really help when he wants to turn on the AA

    And while you are cutting it close with a single 590's Vram either should handle most games no probs @ max details over 3 monitors, but since he wants the latest and the greatest mayaswell future proof it and drop 2 in.
  9. the 990x is a BIT faster than the 2600K, but its not $600 faster :)

    2600K is latest and greatest stuff, overclocks better, and is enough cheaper than the 990x to get that second 590. for 2 590s, I would suggest a 1000-1200W PSU at 80+ Silver or better.
  10. Take a look at this review

    The Vertex 3 wins in almost every category, and even the ones where it doesn't it's right up there with the best.
    Also the regular Vertex 3 is as fast or even faster than the Vertex 3 Pro.
    Unless you need the enterprise features like Military erase or Non-512 Byte Sectors, there's really no Point getting the Pro.

    And from what I read the 6990 is still a little faster than the GTX 590. Given that and the extra RAM I think it's the better card. Especially at high resolutions, which a 3 monitor setup bring with it.
  11. Alright Guys. I just got off the phone with my middleman. He's been doing the talking to the client, seeing as he lives quite a distance away. anyhow, due to a Misunderstanding the Client does NOT game. Let me repeat that does NOT game. He just NEEDS 4 Monitors running Full HD. I have decided most of the equipment.

    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k (OC'ed to 4.6-4.8)
    Im throwing in a Noctua Cooler in there to help.
    RAM: 16 or 8 GBs of Corsair Dominator GT 4*2 (or 4) @ 2000 mhz
    GPU: 2 * GTX 560 TI (EVGA Superclocked) or should i get something different?
    PSU: Corsair 850Watt 80 Plus Gold. (cant remember the series)
    SSD: 240 GB Vertex 3
    Case: Im just going with a CM 690 Advanced.

    Yeah, so any more suggestions/ideas?
  12. in that case, a 6850 crossfire is good. using displayport, you can nicely overdeliver up to 6 monitors this way.
  13. Hmm. That would work. Except Does ONE 6850 Do all 4 Monitors? Cause it is A little more expensive than the 560s.
  14. 1 6850 does up to three monitors via displaylink.
    2 6850s does up to 6 monitors.

    6850 is about $180 each, so $360.
    560 TI is about $240 each.s so $480
  15. Has your customer changed his mind that much?
    Gaming or not, you said he wanted the fastest hardware available, and while two 6850s are certainly a nice setup, it's far from the fastest.
  16. A 6990 runs pretty good with 5 monitors, AMD showed that earlier last month. I think a 6950 1GB CF would suffice. That or 6870 CF.
  17. Oh Well I must of read that wrong Screwy(lol). Well No My Client isn't a gamer it was a complete misunderstanding. 6950 Seems The way to go. But per say lets say he wanted TWO that would run 4 monitors. What would be within the same price range as the 6950. And He wants NO BOTTLENECKS. So taking that he doesn't game.. His GPUs aren't gonna be bottlenecked. Yet I don't want the SSD to get held up, nor the CPU. Now Do you think 8 GBs of DDR3 @2000 With TIGHT Timings are gonna be bottlenecked or should i go with 16 Gigs @ 2000 With not as tight timings (obvious reasons) that is IF i can get them that high.
  18. Then the 6870 or 6850 is good enough.
    Assuming he has mini-display port adapters for Eyefinity.

    8gb DDR3 1600, I dunno if this guy RETARDED or something but from 2000 to 1600 there is virtually no difference let alone 1333. Timings make no difference at all either.
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