AMD E-350 Fusion APU, good for HTPC?


I was thinking about building an HTPC soon and was wondering if the new AMD Fusion solution would be the best for Blu-Ray movies, HD YouTube videos/movies, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crackle, and just plain HD Videos in general? I might get a TV Tuner later on, and also might upgrade to a Sound card so I can hook up a Home Theater system. Anyways, I originally planned on getting something to replace my Athlon II x3 and then throw the Athlon into the HTPC, or just get the new Intel i3-2100, but if this solution would be the best for what I plan to do, then I'm more than happy to get this APU instead.
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    I've got a E-350 HTPC. The only shortcoming I've come across is it can't play HD netflix (yet). MS silverlight does not support hardware acceleration yet and the CPU is too slow to play it smoothly without help.

    As long as the media you are playing is HA compliant, the E-350 doesn't have any problems. Blu-ray, mkv, etc is not a problem.

    BTW, check out my E-350 build in my signature.
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