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Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my sound, I'm hearing a static noise since yesterday, and I don't know what happened. I'm using the onboard audio from my Asus P6X58D-Premium, and before yesterday, everything was working great.
I also have the Logitech Z530 speakers.

Do you guys know what could be the problem?, it's a really horrible sound.

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  1. before we go anywhere else.

    have you found out whether itst eh speakers or the onboard it self?
  2. I tested the onboard sound with my headphones, and I could not hear anything, I think the problem is with the speakers itself.
    I have connected my Logitech Z530 and also the audio-in from my Monitor-TV Samsung T260HD to hear the central speaker better.

    The first 2 days with this set up, there was no static at all, after that, I had really bad static, and now the static noise has decresed, you can barely hear it but it is still there... Any ideas?

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    hmmm, it could be the cables... or even the power cable... keep playing with the speakers, if the static is very small... and is inaudible during loudplayback, i dont think it is nessecary to sort it out.... yet.
  4. Mmm I dont think its not my cellphone, I have in my other desk on the other side of the bedroom so...

    Maybe is the speakers power cable, it is very near my UPS, I don't know if that can make a difference, would it?

  5. i've heard one person in this forum, has said moving away from the UPS solved their static problems. dunno, try it.
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