Quad monitors with 2 video cards on an older machine.

Hello all,

I currently have a AMD ATHLON II X2 245 2.91 GHZ 2.00 GB RAM spare machine, I want to add 2 pci video cards to it to run 4 monitors in span mode. it will be used just to browse the internet and play online poker, nothing else. Can it be done without upgrading other things? Well, probably need a bigger power supply for 2 cards. Keeping the cost down is my main goal.

Thank you very much,
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  1. I really don't know why you would need to upgrade more. I think you are fine.
  2. Windows only supports 3 monitors unless you have a special setup, or an eyefinity graphics card. HD 5850 or better, I believe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. i think hd 5850 maybe too much?? o.O
    ive heard the radeon hd 6xxx series can go as far as quad monitors on one card...
    but the lowest u can go with 6xxx series is 6850 i think... its kind of expensive of ur on tight budget...
    other option would be using two low end cards... i think both manufacturers can go quad monitors with two cards... nvidia surround or ati eyefinity
  4. Ummm, yo could do 3 on a hd5770 I think.
  5. I have a 128MB Geforce 7100GS that easily ran 2 monitors for normal desktop use when my main card died. I would think you could find a couple of 8400GS's or something for about $50 total.
  6. The ati solution can easily pan out nicely if the driver works as expected. Going with two cheap nvidia cards is not a bad idea and you can do quad monitors on that setup. You can get more than 3 three unlike one up there had said. Had a friend that had five monitors working off one machine.
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