CPU/Mobo Compatible?

Hi I'm curious CPU


Will be compatible with this ASUS CM5570 motherboard.


What's worrying me is 2 things. The FSB on the mobo might not be able to support the newer CPU? (The mobo shows 800 the new cpu is 1066) and the RAM. Now I'm assuming the new CPU won't have any issues running both DDR2/DDR3 like it says on most mobos, just not sure on mine.

And id like to just keep using the DDR2 RAM that I have in there. Switching it all out to DDR3 isnt a huge deal if I have to. This is just a simple gaming PC I have and just want lil upgrade to the CPU.

Will it be as easy as pull out old CPU place in the Dual 2 Core?

Thanks much guys and gals.
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  1. Yes they are compatible; socket LGA 775. The RAM must be DDR2 SDRAM, not DDR3.
    It (CPU) will run at the mobo FSB (800 MHz).
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