Do different graphics card brands draw different power?

I'm buying a GT 240 or a GT 430, I have a 300w PSU.

On NVIDIA's website it says 300w, the EVGA version also says 300w.

I live in the UAE where there aren't many computer parts, the only GT 240 and 430 that I could find were the XFX versions which required 350w and the Palit version which required 400w.

Do they actually require more power than the EVGA version or do they all draw the same amount of power regardless of brand ?

This is really dumb I'm confused.

The store guys don't even know what power supply requirements are and they just say that you have to meet them, but why do XFX cards always require 50w extra.
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  1. The GT 240 should use more power than the 430 being more powerful (and older). However manufacterer requirements are usually high because they don't want to get into legal trouble telling the public to use 300W for the 240 (for the 430 it should be just fine). They all draw about the same power because the main chip is itself the same but with some tweaks in fan or board design between brands.
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