Starcraft 2 budget PC ($400-500 AR)

Hi everyone-

I am looking to build a new desktop system from scratch that can handle starcraft 2 at 'high' settings without any lag. I will also be using this desktop for daily use so I don't want a power-hungry PSU. I've been searching the internet for weeks without much luck in building something within my budget. Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Details below:

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next couple of weeks- maybe sooner if the build is right

Budget Range: $400-$500 After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

Parts Not Required: I am building from scratch, so I need all the minimum parts

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: USA (California)

Parts Preferences: As long as they aren't the cheapest manufactured parts in terms of build quality, I have no preferences

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050 (18-20")

Additional Comments: I would like a quiet PC. I will also need to buy the OS (windows 7) and still be within this budget (hopefully) :D
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  1. Case:$40 HEC Blitz

    Mobo:$40 Biostar AM3

    Processor and PSU:$112 w/$10 dollar rebate
    AMD Athlon II X3 2.9GHz and 600W Corsair PSU

    Video Card: $135 w/ $25 rebate XFX Radeon HD5770 Juniper XT

    Ram:$50 G.SKILL RipJaw 4 GB

    Hard Drive:$41 WD Caviar Blue 320GB

    DVD Drive:$23 Lite-on

    OS:$100 Windows 7 Home Premium

    All said and done with shipping, $550
    after rebates about $515

    Also you can get ram for about 10 dollars cheaper than that, but i dont like it... its here
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I've fiddled with the build and came up with this:

    RAM: 4GB: $40.99

    LITE-ON Drive: $22.99 (requires SATA connector?)

    Windows 7 64bit: $99.99 (will 64 bit work with a duo core?)

    Acer 20” LED backlit LCD: $109.99

    Gigabyte Motherboard: $49.99 (Is this better build quality than the biostar?)

    PNY GTS 450: $119.99 - after rebate will be 99.99

    Case:$39.99 HEC Blitz

    Power Supply (One SATA connector): $18.99 (would this fit for this build because it only has 1 SATA connector and no PCI Express connector, but the gfx comes with power adapter, so it might be ok?)

    HD (500GB): $39.99 + $1.99 shipping

    AMD Phenom II: $89.99

    In total = $634. after rebate = $614.89

    Any other mods that would decrease the price without compromising the performance (trying to drop it down to $500ish)? Also- would this build even work? I'm not a guru and would need help to make sure that the build works and won't fry itself. I know this may be a challenge.. but additional advice would be very helpful.

  3. After rebate Galaxy has a gtx 460 that comes in at about $125. That would be a pretty decent step up from the 450.
  4. For any reason do not get a crappy Logisys power supply.
    This Corsair for $20 after rebate is a better choice.

    770mobo/5670 graphic card combo $115 after rebate

    If you are a student or know one that has a valid student ID/e-mail address you can get Windows7 64bit (fine for any CPU) much cheaper.
  5. I Agree with dirtmountain on the psu, but i still disagree with both of you on Video Card. The 5770 is the best $100 video card you will get. I recommend it especially since you are doing an AMD build. Also i would recommend the triple core athlon II x3 proc over a dual core Phenom. see below,2866-2.html

    Other than that most of your build looked pretty good. Here is one that bring the price to sub $600 so your getting there.

    Case:$40 Hec Blitz

    MOBO:$40 Biostar

    DVD Drive: $23 LITE-ON

    HDD:$40 WD 500GB

    PSU: $40 with $20 rebate Corsair 430 Watt

    RAM: $42 Ripjaw 4GB

    CPU: $80 Athlon II x3 3.2GHz

    Video Card: $130 with $30 dollar rebate. HIS HD 5770 JuniperXT edition

    Monitor: $110Acer 20in

    OS: $65 Win7 Pro 64-bit

    total : $610 with shipping $560 with rebates

    I am a student so Private message me if you want windows 7, i wil give you the link through email. Also i have some promo codes for dollars off some of the products above if you want.
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