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So I'm looking at getting a new GTX 460 and out of every card I've looked at, this Galaxy card (Core Clock: 810MHz, Shader: 1620 MHz, Memory Clock: 4000 MHz) comes out on top. is having a sale where it's $160 ($35 dollars instant off, $40 mail in).

To compare I can get this EVGA card (Core: 763MHz, Shader: 1526MHz, Memory: 3800MHz) for $180 ($6 instant, $30 mail in).

Why does the Galaxy seem to beat the pants off of everything else while still being way cheaper?

I'm only comparing Core Clock, Shader Clock and Effective Memory Clock since I'm only looking at 1GB GTX 460's, is there anything else to compare?

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  1. I'm really not into overclocking yet, I'm gonna be using it pretty much out of the box. I'm just trying to figure out if there's something suspect about why the Galaxy is that much better and cheaper.
  2. I never got my $80 Galaxy rebate.

    But at the current time, you should get on the Newegg email list and keep an eye on slickdeals and wait for a GTX 470, GTX 560, Radeon 6870, or Radeon 5870 to get around $200 in my opinion. You can find GTX 460 1GB for $140 sometimes. I'd go with a Radeon 5850 though. I saw one for $143 a couple weeks back.
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    Some brands are almost always cheaper when it comes to video cards. Galaxy, MSI, Powercolor for example are usually the cheapest. On the other hand, EVGA cards are typically more/most expensive, but they also have a very good reputation for quality and support.

    In theory, some of the higher priced cards may have better quality components in them (some may even be modified non-reference cards). For the most part, it's not a big deal what brand you go for in my experience. But you might get more OC headroom going for a more quality brand.
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