Im sick of being ignored, this is my 5th post about my computer

hey guys, first time poster, but ive been reading for years, great job

basically about 6 months ago i build myself a custom pc with new parts with no problems, specs below:

Quick facts

q6600 over clocked to 3.4ghz from stock 2.4ghz, all proper configerations and cooling systems

for about 2-3 months i could hear strange sparking sounds comming from the pack of the power supply where you plug in the lead, i discovered that the lead head had melted abit, i then changed the power lead. i still hear strange skarking sounds though at times, usually during gamming.

keyboard led's simulartaiously light up like a blink this is once in a while though


about a week ago i was playing fifa 11 against the computer, i then minimized the screen to check facebook, i then noticed the desktop was covered in colums of white dots vertically positioned and of the same size, i dont have the screen shot for this but ive tried to recreate it on microsoft paint, the link is also below, anyway i restarted the pc and these colums of white dots apeared on the bios screen, i then wend to bed and in the morning i switched on my screen and the dots apeared like before, i then decided to swap the ram sticks around but this did nothing till i took out the 1 gb stick of kingston ram, when i switched on the pc everything looked fine again, i then decided to start playing fifa 11 again but after an amount of time (it varies) it crashes and restarts the computer with a warning, the pc has even frozen on me when im on the desk top doing nothing much, but this is rarer, i then have to manually restart. so anyway i decided to open up the power supply to check for dest, inside there was a build up of dust surrounding the live wires that connect to the power supply socket, so after cleaning the power supply i reconnected it and switched on the pc. i played fifa 11 for a good while but i felt that is was abit sluggish, i did feel a slight halt at times but im not totally sure, after a while though the pc kicked me outta fifa 11 but no restart! ive had no restarts in 3 days but the pc kicks me off the game with an error message at times. but today ive been kicked outta the game after 15 mins seem each time it seems so maybe things are getting worse. today i got kicked outta the game and a coloured line appeared across the screen, this pic is included below

pictures: (paint) (real)


cpu: q6600 intel core quad
motherboard: p5q turbo pro
ram: Crucial 1gb DDR2 RAM, 240 pin (667 MHz) and also a 2gb stick of the same brand and specifications (total 3gb)
graphics card: nvidia pny 8800gt
hard drive: maxtor ide 160gb
cd/dvd rom: sony 16x
power supply:storm 600w......................................very light i think its cheap
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  1. Sparking sounds and melted connectors on PSU should prompt for a new PSU on order ASAP.
  2. First, I'm really curious as to why you would buy such old parts to build a new pc (Even if it's all you could afford there's better parts you could have choosen.

    Second, If you're seeing sparks from your psu, why would you continue to use it when it could burn up your who system.

    Third, Why did you open the psu - no more warranty.

    Fourth, Get a new and better psu and hope you didn't do any major damage to your system - Good luck
  3. A single 24A 12V rail does not make a 600W PSU, its cheap and its junk, scrap it and get yourself a good unit. Its probably been overloading a bit while you were playing games, next time, actually pay good money for the parts in your system, good parts cost more because they last longer and are better overall
  4. ^ +1 a 380w antec earthwatts could produce more power than that 600w unit and would suit your current setup quite well. I would probably opt for a 500w antec/corsair/seasonic unit which will allow you to upgrade to nearly any high end cpu and single gpu in the future.
  5. Well, many people build their pc, and simply chose a bad power supply. If you have a bad power supply, it can be bad for your components, get a good 500 watt or so psu . The sounds you are hearing are most probably from your psu, so get yourself a corsair, seasonic, or antec.

    Hope this helps :)
  6. You were told to replace the PSU in your previous posts. Stop posting the same question if your not going to listen to advice.
  7. eat *** asterix
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