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Asus 6870 and BFBC 2

Hi guys, I bought a new ASUS 6870 card, and I was trying to play Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I'm only getting 20FPS (using Fraps).
Before this card, I had a XFX 5770, and my FPS were around 35FPS, and I don't understand why I'm getting less FPS with this new 6870 card, if it is supposed to be a better and faster card.

Do you guys know what could be the problem?

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  1. Have you tried other games too ?
    Also make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed.
  2. I played Sniper Ghost Warrior, and my FPS were 80FPS, and I also played Borderlands and my FPS were 62FPS.
    I do have my latest drivers (AMD Catalyst 10.12) installed.

    I'm still getting 20 FPS on BFBC2, and if I reduce my graphics everything to low, what I get is like 30fps maximum, but I remember that I was getting like 55fps with my 5770 (everything low).

    Any other ideas that you may have?...

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    Try turning off vsync,if you have it off in the game settings try catalist settings instead.I manage around 50+FPS with max setting on BFBC2 with my XFX 6870.
    I literally just ran into the same problem when i was playing Star Wars Force Unleashed,wouldn't go past 30.My only guess is theirs some sort of limiter that needs to be reset.
  4. As purple stank mentioned,turn off v-sync in order to remove the FPS limit.
    However,in games like SW: TFU I/II which have limited FPS and can't be unlocked via v-sync you have to use alternate roots.
    For example,for TFU II,there is an .exe file which makes them game run at 60 FPS limit instead of the games original 30 FPS
  5. I tryed looking for that in Star Wars but it isn't as ez as BFBC2.
  6. OP: what are your full system specs? your cpu may be holding you back, my 6870 gets 50+ easily at 1080p and all high, oh whoops you have an i7 920... IDK
  7. Well V-sync is off and still getting bad FPS, maybe I'll have to wait for a new drivers version to fix it, I don't like getting that few frames with this card.

    And yes I have an i7 930, I don't think it could be the processor or the RAM, but it is kind of weird having this problem.
  8. Have you tryed setting the FPS limit manualy through the BFBC2 settings in the folder?
    Go to=My Documents>BFBC2>Settings

    In their you can set things differently than you can in the game menu.
  9. If all else fails try downloading previous drivers for CCC and for the 6870.
  10. What is your PSU wattage, brand and model?
  11. OC'ng will help but even at stock speeds,the OP should get much more FPS.
  12. My PSU is the OCZ GameXStream 700W:

    Well, I opened up my game again, i I'm getting now 50-80FPS, so I think is normal now, and I know this is kind of stupid but I did not change anything, the only thing that I turned off was the HBAO, and my FPS went up like 10FPS, but still, If I turn it on, I get like 40FPS, so I don't really know what happened the first times that I opened up the game (I was getting 20FPS), but now it is working like a charm.

    I love my new Graphics card, is just amazing, it gives me a lot of FPS with every game.

    Thanks for all your replies.

    PS: I really did not change anything special, I was only playing with settings, putting them on low, high and testing with anti-aliasing and that kind of stuff, at the end, I'm getting good FPS now, I do have the latest drivers though.
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