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Anyone facing problems while enabling 2XSLI with 3rd GPU for Physx with this newly released driver version? (260.99_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_english_whql.exe) on 64Bit Vista Ultimate
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  1. I never had issues with those drivers (before I sold my cards)

    What cards do you have exactly ?
  2. Using 2XSLI 9600GTs and 9500GT for Physx.... :) in one rig.
    I rolled back to the earlier version and they work fine, it's just with this particular driver version....
  3. Ok, I think I got the issue, though the drivers state they are compatible or for 9600GT and 9500GT, the last released driver for those particular cards is 266.58....:)
  4. ive noticed some difference between 260.99 and 266.58, but im running a way lower card at the moment lol
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