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Hello, I'm looking for a case for around 100 bucks or less. I was thinking of a HAF 922 and adding an aftermarket fan or maybe something else? I'm not sure this is my first build but I also need it to fit a 6870 and possibly two longer graphics card for Xfire later. I'm looking for this case to cool pretty well out of the box and even more effectively after adding some aftermarket fans. Thank you
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  1. Honestly i know you want to spend around 100 bucks but if youre going to spend that much whats a little bit more on top of that :p Go with the HAF 932 advanced you can get one on sale for around 100 if they have Mail in rebate. I seen this on sale recently so watch for it. It has very nice cooling out of the box and the advanced HAF 932 even has inside it a gpu airduct you can mount a 120 mm fan inside it and it supports the gpus and blows air across them cross air flow is good!. If you find it on sale its a good deal at 100 bucks or even 120. Its big enough if you ever want to water cool and even has stock fan filters! I really like this case and the HAF X is nice too. Only draw back in my opinion on these full towers is that the side window isnt really showing much of the GPU's and if i SLI or crossfire i want to see the cards!. The side panel fans block most of the view as its a 230 mm fan on the HAF 932!! youc an also swap out the 230 mm fan for four 120 mm fans!! Nice option if you used Enermax vegas led fans or any other nice LED fans for that matter :sol:
  2. Eh, I might get it if it goes on sale. I actually just found this case its amazing in looks anyone use this. Would this be good for my gaming build?
  3. czr24 said:
    Eh, I might get it if it goes on sale. I actually just found this case its amazing in looks anyone use this. Would this be good for my gaming build?

    Lian - Li is a VERy high quality name brand, If you plan to water cool it could work, as you can tell im very biased about the full tower thing atm as my ranting about haf x and 932 go on and on. I also like all those big fans for SLI. But in my opinion that case you linked is very nice. I love Lian - Li cases.
  4. Without the watercooling on it would GPU heat get to high w/ SLI because of no side fan?
  5. Nvidia suggests using a side panel fan no smaller than 150 mm if you SLI. Now that could jsut be marketing hype but i wouldt want to risk it haha. The reason i was preaching about the HAF 932 advanced and HAF X is because they have large side fans 230mm / 200 mm respectevly, and also a gpu air duct that you can mount an additional 120 mm fan in. This "gpu air duct" is also a bracket to hold SLI mod in place securely and also blow air across the cards in a cross flow way ;p Stock fan filters as well so out of the box it has nice cooling.( A lot of cases have all these spots for fans yet you end up spending an additional amount adding in good fans.)
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