New Motherboard BSOD Windows Start-Up.

Hello, today I just got in some new parts.

I got everything in, and booted up. Well, I got to the start-up screen for win7 and right before its going to load up the login screen, it flashes a BSOD and restarts. I'm not sure what the problem is, it does it with both my CPUs I have. Ran ram dag. BIOS is updated. I'm at a loss, although this is my first time doing all of this.
Any help would be appreciated, if you need anymore info, let me know. Thanks!
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  1. is it a clean windows install?
  2. Its the install from my old system. Do I need to reinstall?
  3. yup probably and that should fix it
  4. I agree it's best to start from scratch. However, if you 'can' get the OS to boot into Safe Mode you can attempt to install ALL of the drivers for your MOBO. Start with the Chipset and next SATA, use all the latest from ASUS ->

    Otherwise, backup the data from another PC, format and install totally clean.
  5. Thanks! That did the trick! I didn't want to restart from scratch, having slow internet, that would mean re-downloading everything, especially steam games. I didn't know about the windowsold forlder, though, and all I had to do was copy the old folder to x86 and install steam, and verify the game cache! Thanks guys.
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