GA EP45 UD3P Way to turn on/off certain channels/ports of RAM?

The yellow ones work but the red :fou: ones don't. Im trying to upgrade my ram from 4gb to 8gb but whenever I put a stick into either of the red :fou: RAM ports it turns off before it makes it to the bios. I've cleared my CMOS and tried lots of combos in the bios (b4 I plug anything into the red ports) to get it to work and every time it turns off. It does differ pause length before it turns off depending on which RAM's are in it.
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  1. you tried airblowing the slots and cleaning them?
  2. It's clean.
  3. It might be doomed. Nothing lasts forever.

    Happens all the time.

    Try to use different voltages.
  4. BTW, does the RAM show in the BIOS?
  5. Nope it doesn't show in the bios and i've used many different volts. I'm thinking its a bad mobo. Just really sucks it took me almost 2 years to finally need to upgrade only to find out the mobo I got must have been DOA.
  6. I got 4 sticks of those corsair's for 100$ at frys. Bummer.
  7. Some mobos are very RAM picky, especially DDR2's...
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