No video output from GT240

I'm having trouble with installing a video card onto my system. I have a gateway dx 4831-01e and I bought a GT240 for it.

My problem: when I connect my monitor cord to the card, there is no signal coming from it. Could it be that my PCIE slot is dead? Everything else seems to work fine (the video card's fans even turn on)

I've done a lot of the fixes mentioned on this forum, but still no luck. I'm pretty sure I installed it properly also. I can't disable my IntelHD graphics from bios (option is grayed out), but I disabled it in device manager before installing the card. The card's fans turn on and everything seems to be okay, but there is just no video output.

When I turn on the computer with the monitor cord plugged into the mobo, it works (video card still plugged in). I went to device manager and Windows didn't seem to detect any new hardware. I've tried just installing the driver while card was still in (but my monitor hooked up to the mobo) but they don't see my card either...

Things I've tried:
-Reseating RAM sticks
-Unplugging DVD drive
-Brushing the slot (I found some metal debris ON the board near the PCIE slot from the case since I had to break out that metal covering to install the card, maybe it got into the slot too?)

Advice would be appreciated. The rebate expires Jul 2 so I'd like to have the card working in a few days or I'm off to return it.
Thanks again.
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  1. if it has been tested with onboard VGA VGA clear path then obviously problematic, may not match the monitor can also be, tested with female dvi port to pc


    if this means the monitor still does not get a signal you can try your vga addon in another pc , if anywhere else does not work send it back to the Vendor
  2. Are you sure the power supply has enough juice to power the card?
  3. @henydiah the video output is fine when it's connected to the mobo, i just had trouble when i connected it to the video card. I tested with a VGA-VGA to the videocard, that didn't work (works on mobo tho). Tested with a DVI-HDMI on the video card (didn't work, but works on mobo still) so frustrating :pfff:

    I'm pretty sure it should have enough power (reading other people's statements saying that they got the card to run on their stock psu on the same computer model as me).
    But maybe I didn't have enough power to run the card, is having no video output and no detection at all a symptom of not enough power?

    I already returned the card, but thanks for the advice still!

    I probably won't buy a videocard for this system unless I can figure out the problem. If it's FOR SURE I don't have a strong enough PSU then maybe I'll put out the money for a new PSU. I don't want to buy another PSU and have it turn out the PCIE slot is dead. Dead PCIE slot is what really worries me and keeps me from upgrading
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