NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 256MB video memory

is this memory powerful.??
its video memory is just 256 MB??
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  1. some say that it is more powerful than some 1GB graphics cards why so??
    can any one help me out??
  2. Alright Jonatious we are going to need a whole lot more info

    #1 What CPU do you have?
    #2 How much system memory do you have?
    #3 What video card if any do you have now
    #4 what are you going to use the computer for

    now just asking if a card is powerful is not enough i mean for all you know the real question is

    i want to play Crysis at full settings is this card powerful enough for that and i doubt that it would be but seriously we need more info to answer your question
  3. hey secolliyn,
    actually i've planned to buy a lap worth 70k- 80k Rs. (i.e.) about $1800..
    so i wanted a mac pro but its graphics card was nvidia geforce 330M with 256 MB..
    but if i buy a dell lap i could buy a high tech one tat is with gpaphics memory of about 1 GB..
    so i am askin whether the mac pro geforce 330M's graphics memory is just 256MB..???
  4. some one help me soon plz..........:(
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