Will a Core 2 Quad Q6600 bottleneck a 560 Ti?

Hey guys, so as the title suggests, will a Q6600 Core 2 Quad bottleneck a 560 Ti?

If so, can someone explain why? I have a friend who has an older computer with a Q6600 and an 8800 GTS, hes thinking he'll pass it down to someone but upgrade to a 560 Ti

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  1. It depends on the resolution/games you play but in some games you'll notice bottlenecks.Since Q6600 is a good overclocker(especially if you have the G0 version) you can easily get 3.0GHz(minimum) out of it
  2. I see, well its not OCd and the guy who has it wont anyway, so would you advise him not to upgrade to a 560 Ti?
  3. I would whole heartedly recommend you to get the ti. It will bottleneck, but it will be very very small. You should be easily able to squeeze out more 95% of performance than you would with lets say a i5 2500k. Although i must add, lower resolutions and cpu intensive games can give you a little less performance. Still, q6600 is still a great chip. Even without OC,your friend should do fine.
  4. Hmm.. I see, anyone else wanna pitch in their thoughts?
  5. reaper2794 said:
    I see, well its not OCd and the guy who has it wont anyway, so would you advise him not to upgrade to a 560 Ti?

    That is quite unfortunate as his CPU has much more potential just waiting to be released.
    While even an earlier B3 chip can usually hit 3GHz without to much of a fuss, a newer G0 should be able to hit 3.2-3.4GHz easily and 3.6GHz+ with a little work.

    All in all, even with any bottlenecking that may occur, a GTX 560Ti is much more powerful than his current 8800GTS.
    If his system is lagging with newer games upgrading the GPU will give him a much smother experience.
    This will hold especially true if he is playing at higher resolutions and settings where a CPU bottleneck would be minimized.
  6. the q6600 is a good cpu despite being old, like the guy said if you can overclock it it can perform better for games and will be even less likely to bottleneck.
  7. there will always be a bottleneck, 560ti will be fine.
  8. Yes it will bottleneck and yes it is worth buying the card.
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