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I'm getting ready to overhaul my rig again but I'm having issues with whether or not these motherboards can support a large amount of RAM. I know that both of them say they support up to 32GB of RAM, but neither of their "supported memory lists" have any 8GB sticks on them except for one obscure Samsung unit.

The motherboards:


The RAM:

Can someone please tell me if this RAM would be compatible with any of these? 32GB probably seems like overkill, but I hope to not update for at least another 3-4 more years after this. (will also be dropping an SSD and two 2TB hdds in here)

Thanks everyone!
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  1. Go for the first mobo, and good choice with the ram
  2. You will get more performance from a 16GB kit rated at higher speeds.
  3. So both of these answers are pretty far apart....can some more people chime in?

    I'll be using this rig to run Adobe Creative suite 5.5. I was thinking of pairing it with this:
  4. If you're going to spend the money, might as well get two 16GB DDR3 1600 kits for a few bucks more, instead of the kit you have listed.
  5. Unless you're going to be crunching data while running SQL, hosting VMs off this box or doing some serious audio video production, I think 32 GB is overkill. Per above, RAM sticks rated to overclock would be better for day to day performance. I have 16 in my box and I have never been in a position where I thought more RAM would make my life better.

    Only reason for more than 16 GB of RAM (other than the above scenarios) would be if you were running the OS in RAM - there are some Sandybridge E boards that allow for 64GB but that would be just plain ridiculous.
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