New mobo/cpu/no hdd detected

new mobo/cpu/no hdd detectedi everyone, I got a new mobo and cpu yesterday and after installing all the parts I put my old hdd in, after the pc boots I got an error; no hard disk detected. i know the hdd is fine because i put it back in my old build and it booted fine, i know when installing a new mobo you should format which ive been trying to do but when i reach the window where you choose the language theres no mouse or keyboard working, and i know the mouse and keyboard is fine because i used both in the boot menu. my current specs are;
p8z68-v asus
intel i5 2500k
nvidia 560ti asus
corsair 850watts
8gb ram
500gb hdd
ps; sorry for poor grammar and spelling mistakes but was forced to write this on my phone.n
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  1. Also just to note but in the bios menunder sata config i can see my hdd and blu ray drive named next to sata6g_1 & 2
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