Blown CPU - Good Time to upgrade

Hello All,

Just recently have been having some bad issues with freezing in windows and then it started freezing during startup, took it to one of my buddies who told me that my hard drive is not doing so well and my cpu is almost burnt out from overheating. Not the end of the world since I was looking for an excuse to upgrade my computer anyways :sol:

Here is what im running at the moment:
Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case
nForce 680i SLi Motherboard
Intel Core2 Duo Extreme X6800 2.94ghz Socket 775 (scythe cooler) - Probably Dead -
EVGA Geforce 275 GTX 768mb PCIe
Sound Blaster Fatality Xtreme Gamer Sound Card
Corsair Dominator (4 sticks 1 Gig each) PC28500 DDR2
Wester Digital Raptor 150gig 10k rpm & 2 75gig - Probably Dead -
PC Power Silencer 750w Quad Power Supply
Samsumg 24 LCD (runs 1900 x 1050 in natural resolution)
Windows Vista Ultimate

Mainly using the computer for games and internet. I Dont have a ton of money looking to upgrade for as cheap as possible, but am definately going to need a new Hard drive, CPU + cooler, memory probably since my memory is older and might not fit on new mobo, and a new mobo. Thinking about upgrading my graphics too so as not to be a bottleneck for the new system.

Also is windows 7 worth it to upgrade from Vista Ultimate?

Thinking my case is still decent and soundcard is good and power supply will probably work with the newer GPU's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Intel CPUs simply don't die due to heat, over voltage is what kills 'em. But if you really think you killed it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands for the price of shipping!
    Now is not a great time to be upgrading the core components. Sandy bridge is still DOA, and bulldozer is an unknown factor.

    Look at your ram before you look at the CPU. and the hard drive may indeed be dying, if you have a spare hdd to test a fresh install, do it.
  2. Download memtest86+ it's free..burn to a cd and boot with that disc...
    It will start a thorough test of all memory..if you get reds in any fields you've got a bad stick or two...
    Here's the link...
    Hope this helps..and saves you a few bucks!
  3. I had the same issue with my 780i E8400 build, and it was the memory. Ive RMAed that same Corsair Dominator 4 x1 GB DDR2 PC8500 memory 3 times and when they returned 2 sticks dead I lost faith in Corsair. I recommend repurposing your build to be a HTPC or a home server.

    joefriday said:

    Now is not a great time to be upgrading the core components. Sandy bridge is still DOA

    Where is that coming from? Now is a really good time to upgrade. B3 rev. motherboards are in stock and shipping from newegg. The i5 2500k is the new hotness. Going from a 65nm CPU to a 32nm CPU will be a significant upgrade.

    Keep your case, sound card, video card, PSU, and OS (if you bought the full version).
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