Mac address cloning

I believe this is the right place. I am looking to ''change'' my IP, because my ISP don't provide the dynamic IP, but static. Will cloning my mac address give me a ''new'' public one?

Can it get me banned on the side of my ISP?
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  1. Sorry, it might sound stupid to certain. Another alternative I found was SSH or something similar, redirect my traffic to a differant position AKA my house to bypass the stupid college security.
  2. first post:
    Probably not
    Unknown, depends on your ISP.

    2nd post:
    What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. First : Thanks, I looked it up, probably will get a NO from ISP.

    2ND : Bypass retarded university internet security.
  4. you could set up a proxy server at home, or use one of the public free proxies (unless those are banned, also). Or something like
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