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Hd 6970 vs 5870

Hi guys I have Two ROG Matrix Platinum 5870's in Xfire and i was just wondering if i upgraded to the 6970 if i would see a significant upgrade in gpu power? Ive searched and there is no comparison of the two cards its always the 6970 vs the base model 5870. I just want to know numbers wise if its worth it for me to upgrade now.

My specs:
cpu : AMD 1090t (OC to 4.02Ghz)
mobo : Rog Crosshair Formula 3 (going to 4 soon)
gpu : rog matrix 5870 (x2)
ram : G Skill ripjaw 8gb ddr3 1333mhz
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  1. resolution you're playing at? it this an epeen upgrade or are you actually experiencing serious slowdown with 2 5870s?
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    You could be looking at 5 - 20% performance increase based on resolution!
    The higher resolution the better (not that the HD5870 CF should be struggling at any resolution except a massive eyfinity one)
  3. umm idk what an "epeen upgrade" is but i play on my 46" lcd at 1920x1080 and thanks for the info rolli59.....i was just wondering because i have a friend who is convinced the 6k series cards would destroy my setup lol. But looking at the numbers my 5870 has higher core clocks (894 vs 880) and more stream processors (1600 vs 1536). Other than that everything else looks pretty much the same other than memory clock. One thing i am happy about is my cards are running stable at 1000mghz core clock :)
  4. If you were doing a new build or was thinking of adding a second 5870, a 6xxx cf would I recommend, but unless you really have the money to blow................Stay with what you have, your good for a good bit.
  5. Just to clarify, are you talking about going from two 5870's to one 6970 or two? Of course, two 5870's is much better than a single 6970. If you are going for two 6970's be careful that you don't get a pair that end up being really hot and noisy.
  6. to clarify :Yes I was thinking of going from two 5870's to two 6970's, but if the performance wasnt going to be huge then i would stick with what i have.

    And thanks for the heads up matto17
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