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5850 crossfire full load issue

ok i have an issue this is my first crossfire rig and im running into some issues ive noticed that one of the gpu`s will be sitting at 99% while there is nothing running on my system and i know its not miss reporting due to the temps. im using both ccc and msi afterburner to keep tabs on my crossfire and but read the same. today i noticed both gpu`s are maxed i have to reboot to get the gpus to read right is this just a glitch with the drivers or is there maybe an issue with one of the cards? there matching 5850 rev 1 cards any ideas ?
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  1. Is one maxing out while idling or is your fan speed stuck?
  2. i have full control over the fan`s while this is happening i just rebooted and left the pc idle with nothing running at all and both gpus running at 0 load when i returned after 10 min to the pc both gpu is maxed out ( im not using eyefinity ) and i can adjust both fans in ccc.
  3. Are you sure you don't have any applications running in the background?Maybe they start when it detects the system is idle.
    Thats the only thing i can think of.
    Also, are you 5850's O.C?
    Are the fans running when it says the GPU's are under a load?
  4. yep im sure there is nothing running in the background that would have any effect on a gpu and no im running at default settings. i cant say i have fixed it as of yet but i removed ccc 10-12 reverted back to ccc 10-10 and so far so good i have set the fans to manual so i can keep both cards running the same temps the lower card runs approx 8 deg cooler im guessing the lower card is kinda choking the fan of the upper card and the upper card would be drawing heat off the lower card so i offset the fans to accommodate. heat is not really an issue i run crysis warhead on extreme settings with aax2 and never see above 55 deg (with the fans maxed out) so as of now im hoping it was a issue with ccc 10-12
    previous to this conversation i had uninstalled ccc 10-12 3 times and reinstalled 10-12 after re downloading it but now that im on 10-10 everything seems to be ok ill re-post when i can confirm the issue is fixed for sure thanks
  5. Yah,the top card in the crossfire will always be hotter,it's sucking in the heat the bottom one gives off.A side mounted fan should help if a problem ever occurs.
    I have been having some issues with the new Cataylst drivers myself,or maybe it's just the 68xx series itself(them being so new).
    Well, keep posting tell us what happens...
  6. I thought i would let you know if you don't already that CCC overrides MSI Afterburner unless you have it opened.
  7. ok ive got it all worked out now i think .... im sure it was a bad install of the drivers that caused the issue. im running 11.1a and things look great (11.1 would not enable crossfire ) so now with all the bugs worked out im super happy with the xfx 5850 BE crossfire
  8. it turns out i may have a damaged card ive been playing with overclocking and one of my cards loves it 1000 on the gpu and 1300 on the ram while the second card will not overclock at all it causes system crashes and gpu lock up the cards are identical right down to the date they were made and both are refrence cards. now i realize different hardware will handle different clocks but any increase from oem spec`s and the card crashes overclocking was done both with xfire on and off using a range of different drivers all drivers were clean install. also tried diffrent 16X slots refering to my manual for compatibility
    can any one confirm that a damaged video card would act in such a manner and if so would this be enough to get the video card rma`ed
  9. I suspect its a driver fault . I have the same problem pretty much with my 5850cf pair. The moment I go past driver version 10.11, I end up hearing the fans slowly getting faster on the cards and when i check the ccc, the cards are stuck on 99pc, with temps rising! I'd never had a problem with my set up until driver 10.12 was released. Was hoping ATI would have ironed out this problem before now but here I am, STILL using ccc 10.11....Grrr- Frustration!!!
  10. do you have IE 9 and firefox 4 both installed i found when i had both running one of my gpu`s would would lock at 99 and id have to reboot to fix it if i just run one of the 2 browsers its fine other then the odd driver glitch when i crash the video driver my self ( by exiting a game with out quiting properly) ive upgraded my drivers to 11.4 ( 6990 drivers ) and got rid of firefox 4 and exit games properly and ive had no issues even with a broken card in my crossfire
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    Clean install of 11.2 today and have been having a 'bit of a fiddle' with my browsers. I have discovered i have no problem whilst running ie9. The problem occured only with firefox 4 and/or minefield 64. Eventually i've discovered that the 'hardware accelerator' of mozillas is crashing CCC, and if you turn it off in options, the problem is gone! whooopppieeee!!!! :bounce:
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