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RE: PCIEX16 slot on the P8Z68X16 Pro/Gen3.

Hi all: Can somebody answer my follow up question under my original question? Thank you.
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  1. The first from top ( dark blue ) and the white are PCIE 3.0 , will work at x16. If you SLI, Crossfire use them, in SLI Crossfire work at x8/x8.
    The black from the bottom is PCIE 2.0 but work at x4.
    You have 2 small dark blue they are PCIE x1.
    And you have 2 PCI slots that sky blue.
    If you want to use your video card put on dark blue from the top or in the white.
  2. sosofm: Thank you for your response, but it is not answering what I put into my original follow up question. I do understand what you are saying, however. I just figured out how to copy the post I put into my original question. So, I am copying it here for you to review. It was written to furry_roadkill, but you can read it too. Again, thank you for your assistance.


    A quick follow up question: Given the fact that there are 7 PCIe slots on this MB and that select configurations of a graphics card or cards will utilize one or two slots and that there are headers (which I think are better named female connectors, but then I didn't name them) for the USB3_34 and ESATA, then what are the remaining five PCI slots for? Why do I need them?

    For example, if I am using a PCIEX16 card in slot #7, using either the Auto or X1 mode then why would I want to put another PCIEX1 card in Slot #1? Furthermore, why would I want to use USB3_34 and ESATA cards (they do exist according to my local computer retail representatives), using the Auto mode? Or two additional PCIE1 cards in slots #1 and #3 and an ESATA card in some other available open slot?

    All these questions come up because ASUS tech people put forth this chart in the manual.

    Needless to say, furry_roadkill, you have been helpful. Thank you.
  3. You can use the others if you want to use your monitor like TV ( you need a tv tuner ) you conect the tv tuner in a PCIE slot, a sound card , wireles adaptor. Anything what is using PCIE conection.
    When i buy something i look at what that mobo have ( USB,SATA, PCIE) and how many of them i will use. Normaly you have more conectivity on a mobo is more expensive.
  4. Humm, I am beginning to understand.

    So, if I wanted to buy a TV Tuner card then I will need to use another one of my PCIE slots for that TV Tuner card.

    But if I need more USB3_34 and ESATA connections than what is all ready provided for by the MB then I will have to connect the USB3_34 or ESATA card to an open PCIE slot. Is this correct?

    Thank you.
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    Thats it :)
  6. You're not allowed in Area 51, but thanks for your help! :bounce:
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