Haf X VS Antec 85 - Size Matters?

Someone suggested to me that the Antec 85 was a superior case to the HAF X and made a pretty compelling arguemnt, but Im concerned my cpu cooler won't fit in the antec case

Just wondering about others experience with the case if hoping someone might be able to tell me if this


will fit inside

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  1. The Noctua NH D14 surely fits inside the Antec DF 85 case.
    Question here between the two cases should revolve around looks more than size (both look ugly to me). Both cases have ample room and cooling. If I had to choose one between these two though, I'd have gone for the HAF-X.
  2. Yes the cooler will fit in the case, but as to it being a better case than the HAF X is a matter of opinion, i actualy prefer the HAF X looks to the Antec DF85, as for cooling performance im not sure if theres much in it, could you tell us the argument for the Antec over the HAF please.
  3. I'd be inclined to get the Antec P183 instead of the Dark Fleet 85 (I am not into bling).


    The P183 has plenty of cooling capability, will definitely accommodate the Noctua D14, and can be made really quiet with a little effort.
  4. I looked at both of these a while ago, but the Aerocool Xpredator beats them in every aspect hands down...

  5. Emperus do you prefer more streamlined cases? What would you suggest as a better looking alternative?
  6. Looks are personal decisions. My previous comment summarized that both those cases are excellent and the final buying decision might come to which looks better.

    Personally, I like to be a little low on the aggressive front when it comes to case designs. For instance, I like the Silverstone Raven RV02 which I'd also suggest as a viable alternative. Another alternative would be the Lian Li PC A70f.
  7. The CM HAF series are great for cable management. Beyond the HAF 922 you're just paying for looks.
  8. HAF 922 is such a nice looking case and has plenty of room for pretty much anything you want to throw inside it :)
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