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Will noctua d14 SE2011 fit in sabertooth x79?

hi, i recently ordered 2011 cpu and sabertooth x79 and i have corsair H70, but it seems that cooler is make kinda loud noisy so try to change it to noctua D14 SE2011

but ppl said that cooler is so huge and im kinda afraid it doesnt fit on my board. and im using gtx590 single. and if i sli it later or watever is that cooler will bother whether

crossfire or sli? and whatabout memory slots?
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    I don't know for sure if the Noctua will fit well with the X79, but probably. The only foreseeable problem I see could be some memory slots being blocked, otherwise it should be fine.

    However, you should be able to lower the radiator fan RPM on the H70.
  2. NH-D14 Compatibility:
    MOBO list -> ; requires LGA 2011 mounting kit.
    RAM list ->

    I'm not a fan of the NH-D14, and IMO either use the Corsair H70 or better the H100. I'm running the H100 + Sabertooth X79 and love the look and the cooling is good; clean looks. The noise isn't much different than any other HSF. Neither is close to a 'real' water cooling loop.

    Ever try cleaning a conventional 'finned' HSF? The Corsair Hydro series takes me a few minutes and sucking the dust with a vacuum. A nest of fins on the NH-D14 requires me to remove the HSF assembly and washing it off to get it cleaned properly.

    If your fan is spinning @ 100% then use one of the two CPU headers to control it; the H100 has it's own built-in for up to 4 fans.
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